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Combining technology with the most effective jury consultants in the industry.

Record verdicts don’t just happen. Even the greatest trial lawyers in the country need and rely on jury research conducted before and during the trial. We know that getting the most reliable results with which to craft our stories, perfect our exhibits, and find our most compelling arguments is invaluable and essential to our

But traditional focus groups can also be extremely expensive and unduly stressful. Traveling to a remote location, finding a suitable venue, and the recruiting and feeding of suitable mock jurors can become costly and time-consuming. We knew that there had to be a better way, and we dedicated our time, resources, experience, and out-of-the-box thinking to creating Virtual Courtroom.


See it. Test it.

Win It.

We are innovating the industry. Using cutting-edge virtual remote video technology with screen-sharing capabilities, you can now conduct a focus group with jurors from any jurisdiction quickly in a cost-efficient manner without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office. Improve the story of your case and effectiveness of your exhibits by testing them with a real group of people – and get meaningful results instantly.  Documents, slides, graphics, animations, videos, and deposition excerpts can be used and shown to the mock jurors with ease.   



with the

Most Effective Jury Consultants

in the Industry 

These virtual focus groups are professionally moderated and our custom technology enables attorneys and observers to watch from a virtual observation room and have a full view of each juror’s face while the case is being presented. Surveys, polls, and questionnaires are filled out by the jurors and the results are transmitted in real time. You can watch a full deliberation on the issues as it occurs, and the entire focus group is videotaped in high definition. 



Takes Your Firm

to the Next Level

The ease and low-cost of this technology now enables you to run multiple focus groups in a single case. Large sample case analysis surveys starting at 100 mock jurors ranging to split panels of many more participants are available depending on your research needs. Please contact us for more information and pricing.  

Creative Minds

Make this Possible


How Does it Work? 

Virtual Courtroom was put together by the creative minds of experienced trial lawyers and two of the top jury consultants in this industry: Sonia Chopra, Ph.D. and experienced trial attorney Lisa Blue, Ph.D. As essential parts of some of the most successful trial teams in the country, Sonia and Lisa extensively researched the field and every type of survey program to come up with the most effective tools to enhance the virtual experience for the jurors and the attorneys. Our own in-house national recruiting firm locates and pre-screens qualified mock jurors from every jurisdiction. Mock jurors and attorneys are given easy-to-follow instructions and videos on the use of the technology before the focus group begins. 


We Build the Perfect Mock Jury

Mock jurors and attorneys are given easy-to-follow instructions and videos on the use of the technology before the focus group begins.  Our team prepares them for the focus group with to ensure a successful session.  

Virtual Courtroom Session Begins

Professional Virtual Courtroom hosts moderate the session. Both attorneys present their case and then watch as mock jurors deliberate and answer moderator questions. 

Receive Data Driven Results

After the session, attorneys are provided with a complete video, all poll results and all post-juror questionnaires. 

Meet our

Winning Team 

The exorbitant costs and inconvenience associated with traditional focus groups often prevented some trial attorneys from utilizing this invaluable research tool as much or as often as they should. We knew there had to be a better, easier, and more cost-effective  way to conduct jury research and prepare for trial. We worked with the best trial lawyers and most effective jury consultants in the country to create this unique service. Virtual Courtroom allows jury consultants, trial attorneys, and mock jurors to stay in the comfort of their homes or offices. As a result, the mock jurors are more relaxed and speak more candidly than in traditional focus groups — yet also become a part of the group dynamics during deliberations. Our expert technologists created an effective Observation Room for trial attorneys, clients, and guests to observe each juror’s reactions at all times. Work with our expert team to run multiple Virtual Courtroom focus groups in a single case efficiently, conveniently, and for a fraction of the cost.

Sonia Chopra, Ph.D. 

Jury Consultant

Sonia has 20 years of experience in high profile trials and has been part of trial teams that achieved some of the highest verdicts in California and in Las Vegas, including for Brian Panish, Mark Robinson, and other prominent trial lawyers whose verdicts with her include: $2 billion against Monsanto, $417 million against Johnson & Johnson, and $160.5 million in Las Vegas for a traumatic brain injury. 

Lisa Blue, Ph.D. 

Trial Attorney, Author, Jury Consultant

Lisa is not only an accomplished trial lawyer, but is also a world renowned jury consultant. She was an essential part of trial teams with Mark Lanier and other prominent trial lawyers whose verdicts include: $4.69 billion against Johnson & Johnson, $247 million against DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., and $258 million against Merck. 

In-House Recruiting Team 

Mercedes Valero and Melissa Galvis are the co-founders of MVG Recruiting Services, a women-owned nationwide recruiting company specializing in legal focus groups, mock juries, and shadow juries. 

CVisual Evidence

CVisual Evidence has over 38 years of providing trial technology and presentation services  to trial attorneys throughout litigation and trial. They have worked tirelessly with our expert jury consultants and experienced trial attorneys to enhance and optimize the technology required for a seamless Virtual Courtroom experience.

Outlier Creative Agency

Renegades, risk takers and rule breakers power this grid of right-brain energy. This band of storytellers and artists is out to shift the narrative on how law firms should look and transmit their message.

Virtual Courtroom

Service Tiers 

We adjust each focus group to meet your needs and your budget. Our internet trial surveys start at $4,000.00 and our virtual remote focus groups start at $6,000.00. Customized focus groups involving multiple groups of jurors, involvement/input of our jury consultants, Athea Lawyers trial attorneys and Slide Girl services are also available. Our range of focus group services is customizable to any scale of project from theme development discussion groups to full scale mock trials with multiple panels of deliberating jurors.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.

For more information, contact us at: (800) 218-1383 or [email protected] 

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Internet Case Study

Service Tiers 

We can also perform traditional online trial surveys using large sample sizes, which can be useful for developing jury selection profiles and testing the impact of a specific piece of evidence or argument. A summary of your case, including facts and arguments, exhibits, demonstratives, and even videos are submitted to online “mock jurors” in any jurisdiction, who review the materials and answer questions (multiple choice and essay). Our state-of-the-art technology enables you to see results in an effective manner.


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